Buhari receives Madagascar anti-coronavirus drink

On Saturday, Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari received a domestic distribution of Madagascar’s anti-coronavirus drinks.

“President Buhari has been indigenous to Madagascar’s prescription for the COVID-19 pandemic,” tweeted President Spokesman Basil Ahmed.

Ahmed added that the president “had repeatedly listened to science before giving traditional or new medicines to Nigerians.”

Buhari receives Madagascar anti-coronavirus drink

Monday’s Buhari approved airlift of Madagascar’s anti-coronavirus beverage.

The mixture of herbs is a drink derived from Artemisia (a plant that has been proven effective in treating malaria) and other indigenous herbs.

In April, Madagascar president Andry Rajoelina announced the treatment at a press conference, swallowing it from a smooth-brand bottle filled with amber liquid.

Since then, Madagascar has donated thousands of products developed by the state-run Madagascar Research Institute to countries all over Africa.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the efficacy of drinks has not been proven and is warned against “using products that have not been tested to confirm their efficacy” …

The isolated compound extracted from mugwort is effective against the malaria drug pointed out by WHO, but said the plant itself cannot treat malaria.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Africa also said that drinks should be “rigorously tested.”

WHO Africa representative Matsuhi Disomoeti is worried that healthcare professionals may feel that people who take this product are immune to COVID-19 and engaged in dangerous behavior Said.

“I’m worried that promoting this product as a precautionary measure may make people feel safer,” she said.

Although the World Health Organization has not yet approved the use of drinks to treat coronavirus patients, many African countries, such as Nigeria, trust drinks produced by Madagascar.

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